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Welsh Tartan Cloth

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Most of our Welsh tartans are woven in batches that are 58" wide so when you purchase 1 yard, you are getting a piece of cloth that is 58" wide and 1 yard long (much more than 1 square yard). To purchase more than 1 yard, simply type the yardage that you require in the white box located next to "Add to cart".

All Welsh tartans are 13oz, supreme quality wool. The tartans that have the code W13 next to them are woven in Wales & do not have a selvedge (finished) edge. The tartans that have the code H13 next to them are woven in Scotland & do have a selvedge (finished) edge. Any Welsh cloth made by the House of Edgar will be woven on a roll 30" wide (not 58"). We keep Welsh tartan samples on hand in Arizona, ready for dispatch. If you are interested in a sample, please click here