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Blog: The Scottish Experience

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Tartan Production

Posted by Bradley Hyde on Jun 26th 2017

THE TARTAN JOURNEY The story of modern Scottish tartan begins in the bygone world of 18th Century regiments and clans. The name tartan comes from a Gaelic word mea … read more

What is a Scottish Sporran?

Posted by Bradley Hyde on Oct 3rd 2016

What is the Sporran? Ancient Grave Stone The sporran sits front and center of the kilt outfit as a proud article of highland wear unlike any other in the world. Although its purpose is universal … read more

10 Interesting Facts About Roberts Burns

Posted by Claymore Imports on Jan 25th 2016

1. Robert Burns nearly left Scotland to become a bookkeeper on a Jamaican slave plantation Before literary success, Robert Burns was offered a job in Jamaica on a slave plantation as a book … read more