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Afro Celtic Sporrans and Buckles

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Cape Town - at the southern tip of Africa - is home to a small artisan workshop that creates and produces an original and unique range of hand-crafted SPORRANS for kilt wearers and collectors around the world.

These Sporrans are unlike anything you've ever seen before. Infinite care is taken in the design and selection of each element as well as in the crafting of the final sporran,so ensuring that no two are ever exactly the same.

There is a distinctive fusion of iconic elements born in these two cultures, Celtic and African.

CELTIC knotwork with its characteristic zoomorphic and anthropomorphic interlaced intricacies in the silverware,
melded with the exotic textures and colors of indigenous AFRICAN game skins and Nguni hides, produces an exceptional Sporran that stands out as a quality item.

Claymore Imports is the exclusive North American Distributor of Afro-Celtic Products.